Driving School, Lessons and DSA Approved Instructor in Peterhead, Aberdeen and Ellon

So you have decided that you want to learn how to drive, well before we can get you started and into the car, we must first ensure that you meet the legal  pre-requisites. This page will also give you a brief guide on the  the steps required to enable you to reach your goal of being a full  licence holder.

Licence - First of all you must be at least 17 years of age and hold a valid and in-date UK   provisional driving licence (If you hold a non UK licence please contact us for advise) for the category of vehicle you wish to drive, in this case, a category B provisional licence is required.  If you donít already have a provisional licence then an application form can be obtained from your local post office or by telephoning the DVLA Direct on  08702400009, the application process can take between 7 - 10 days


If you have yet to reach the age of 17 you can still apply for your licence up to a few months before your 17th birthday, although it will not become valid until you turn 17.                      


Once you have your   licence -     Once you   have your provisional  licence,  you are ready to start your  training. The Driving Standard Agency (DSA) states it takes on  average 45 hours professional   tuition with additional training being provided by families and friends for a student to reach  the standard required to pass the DSA practicle driving test. Please remember   we all learn at different speeds and  it may take you less or it may may you longer  than the average person,   Right Start Motoring will assess you on your driving ability and not the amount of hours of tuition  received. Your Right Start Motoring Instructor will teach you to become a safe and competent driver in preparation for taking the DSA practicle test and beyond.


The Theory Test - Since 2001 all candidates wishing to sit the DVSA practical driving or motorcycle test must first pass a computerised 2 part   theory test - RSM can assist you in preparing for this test if required and advises any student prior to sitting the theory test to have achieved at least 5 concecitive mock passes with a result of at least 45 out of a possible 50. A full guide on the DVSA's theory test can be viewed by clicking on the theory test tab.  


          Students must show an in-date theory test pass certificate to the examiner prior to taking the driving test


The DVSA practicle driving test -     Once the examiner has completed   the revelant documentation and on the way to the car the examiner will ask you to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5   metres ( see below eye sight test) this being the first part   of the test, prior to leaving the test   centre the examiner will   carry   out what is known as the show me, tell me section, this consists of   a couple of   questions   regarding basic safety and car maintenance.     The driving test will last for about 40 minutes and the examiner will take you on a   test route that is designed to cover a variety of road and traffic conditions and you will be asked to carry out certain manoeuvres such as the turn in the road exercise, On completion, the examiner will debrief you on the result.        


Eye Sight Test - As part of the driving test you must satisfy your examiner that in good daylight , you can read a standard number plate with letters 3.1 inches high from a minimum distance of 20.5 metres(about 67 feet).        

If you need glasses or contact lenses to read the number plate , that's fine , however you must wear them during your lessons, the test and whenever you drive.   (Please note if you can not show the examiner that your eyesight is up to the required standard you will have failed your driving test and the test will go no further.)




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